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Achieving SDG 5, goes beyond developing tests for diseases that impact on girls and women: Incas Diagnostic as it Announces Paid Period Leave for Female Staff

Staff of Incas Diagnostics in a photo opportunity with the CEO Laud Anthony.

Incas Diagnostics, a youth led African owned test kit development and manufacturing company in Ghana has introduced paid period leave for its female workers. The company known for its dedication in championing the Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana by developing tests for diseases that affect vulnerable populations especially women and children argues achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, goes beyond developing tests for diseases that impact women and girls.

The “yaws kit”, an ultra-sensitive molecular test for yaws, a debilitating disease affecting children living in extremely rural and poor communities in Africa and the Caribbean is among the products manufactured by the award-winning company to aid fight against childhood diseases.

Explaining the policy, Laud Anthony, the Chief Executive Officer has observed the productivity of female staff who go through painful cramps during their menstrual circle and decided to introduce a paid leave policy to ensure that female employees took time off during their menstrual flow. The paid period leave would involve taking two days off every month.

“At Incas Diagnostics, we operate a task-based system. Tasks are assigned to each staff at the beginning of the week and staff are meant to complete these tasks by the end of the week. Productivity is measured by the number of tasks completed and not necessarily the number of days one is at work”.

“It is better for people to be fit and get work done than for them to come to work but be unable to work because of cramps”, Laud Anthony, the Chief Executive Officer told ZAMI Reports.

The company currently has three women heading its technical department out of the five positions in the department. Again, nineteen out of its 37 staff are female. The decision to employ more women according to management is a “deliberate effort to ensure that women voices are head in its management level”.

The Sustainable Development Goal 5, enjoins countries to set up mechanisms that promote the achievement of gender equality and empower all women and girls under the global call to action to ensure all barriers that mitigate against the development of women and girls are removed.

“The introduction of a paid leave which kick starts with immediate effect”, Laud Anthony added.

The “Vagkit”, a 3-in-1 test for vaginal infections, a urine based 10 panel test for Drugs Abuse test namely THC (Marijuana), OPI (Opiates), BAR (Barbiturates), COC (Cocaine), BZO (Benzodiazepine), TRA (Tramadol), AMP (Amphetamine), COT (Nicotine), MOP (Morphine) and TCA (Tricyclic antidepressants) and the “Incas HCG ultra”, a highly sensitive test for pregnancy.

In 2020, the company in collaboration with KNUST developed a rapid test kit for COVID-19.

Zubaida Mabuno Ismail|www.zamireports.com|

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