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Appiatse Explosion: National Housing Policy key in selecting contractors to reconstrct flattened Appiatse – ARIC

Contractors in real estate can from 28th March bid for the reconstruction of portions of the flattened Appiatse community in the Western region from 28th March, the Deputy Lands and Natural Resources Minister Mr Benito Owusu-Bio announced on 25th March during a press encounter in Accra.

Interested contractors must have knowledge of Ghana’s 2015 National Housing Policy which takes into consideration “the ecosystem, durability, and sustainability.”

“Sustainability and Resilience: Utilise sustainability principles to guide shelter and human settlement development: The state shall ensure that all housing construction is based on principles of sustainability. All new housing shall utilise durable materials in their construction without jeopardising the environment or the viability of the base resources used in their production. New communities shall be developed to also withstand the vagaries of climate change and disasters.

“Furthermore, all human settlements, aggregating residential, commercial, social, and other functions shall be built on principles of sustainability. Existing communities that have degraded due to poor maintenance of housing and infrastructure will be upgraded to attain the goal of resilience,” as captured by the NHP.

“The plan has been designed to accommodate about 870 people on 205.64 acres of land will foster a vibrant human environment by balancing residential land use with complementary land meant for commercial, industrial, and public services,” according to the director of research at the Land Use and Spatial Authority Mohammed A. Damba.

Members of the committee took turns to present their work to the press. Image: MLNR.

The reconstruction will consist of four hundred and sixteen houses, one hundred and twenty-four of the total are houses that were situated at the explosion scene. They range from 1 bedroom to 7 bedrooms.

“124 houses will be erected in the core area of the community flattened completely by the explosion, plus some other 292 buildings which will be simply retouched,” Mr Blankson Hemans, a member of the team and a representative from the Ghana Institute of Architects revealed.

The new plan maintains the pre-disaster cultural settings and lifestyle of the people, providing four different varying land sizes; 185sqm, 279sqm, 372sqm, 585sqm and access networks that promote walkability to keep the community closely knit.

To incorporate sustainability and climate resilience principles, 15% of the total land area has been earmarked as places for ecological assets such as waterways, green parks and green reserves in wetlands and hilly areas with tree planting corridors also provided along major roads.

The reconstruction will also see the construction of some 12.5 kilometres road within the community. Places like the decommissioned community cemetery will remain according to the spatial plan presented to the press.

Chairman of the Appiatse Reconstruction and Implementation Committee, Mr Benito Owusu-Bio revealed the first phase of the road construction will commence by the end of April this year.

“This plan makes room for additional social spaces like transportation terminals, clinics, schools, markets, expansion of roads and particularly, the greens to contribute to the reduction of global warming,” Mr Owusu-Bio told the press.

Chairman of the Appiatse Reconstruction and Implementation Committee and Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources revealed the construction of the houses will commence in May this year. Image: MLNR.

The chairperson of the Appiatse Support Fund Committee, Rev. Dr Joyce Aryee who sat in the briefing was impressed by the plan to leave portions of the community “untouched” as part of conservation and sustainability.

“Having these very narrow roads, to encourage walking and bicycling, is also part of the green idea because the more vehicles we use, the more carbon monoxide we put out, the more we destroy the environment and the planning has taken all these into account” she said.

There are ongoing works to ensure that the affected persons are not left at the mercy of the weather.

“As we enter the rainy season, it is clear that affected citizens cannot remain in tents. We’re working together with the Future Global Resources Company Limited on a  temporary shelter for them,” Mr Owusu-Bio revealed how the government is ensuring that the dignity of the affected is respected as the rains set in.

The Appiatse Support Fund is also expected to present details of its work to the press in the coming weeks.

In a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Lawyer Samuel Abdulai Jinapor announced that the reconstruction will be completed in “twelve months.” and this timeframe, the reconstruction committee is committed to meet.

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