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Appiatse Explosion: Relocation to happen on 4th May due to holidays

Affected people of the Appiatse explosion in the Prestea-Huni Valley area of the Western region will have to wait three more days to move to their “new” homes in Dumase, just a few meters from the blast site. Mr Benito Owusu-Bio, the Deputy Minister in Charge of Mines at Ghana’s Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, stated on April 28th.

The shift in the relocation day has been attributed to the May 1st and 2nd vacations. The Appiatse Reconstruction Implementation Committee had set the 1st of May as the date for the evacuation of victims of the 20th of January tragedy, which killed thirteen people, to the Future Global Resources Mining Company’s newly constructed temporal thirty-house accommodation.

The Committee announced the project is 98 per cent complete during what appears to be the final leg of visits to the neighbourhood before the move. According to Mr Owusu-Bio, the 2% work will be done as soon as possible.

He also stated that the competition for the design of the green community will begin on April 29th. The community’s roads will be built concurrently with the bidding process.

“As works are completed here, it will give us the time we need to now focus on the main work at the Appiatse site itself. I am particularly happy to see the people from the community already cleaning up the completed rooms for moving which only tells that they are equally happy and impressed with the work done here,” he said.

Mr Owusu-Bio stated that the government is in talks with partners and stakeholders such as the Ghana Water Company, the Ghana Electricity Company, and the Vodafone Foundation, among others, who have expressed interest in starting the project with a focus on the core part of the building that was destroyed by the explosion.

He praised Ghanaians for their contributions to the Appiatse Assistance Fund, but warned that “we are not done until we restore normalcy to this area,” and that “we will continue to seek your support for the primary job and take this as doing it for yourselves.”

Members of the community also expressed their gratitude to the government and the Ministry for following through on their promises, saying they are looking forward to the official move, which will relieve them of the rain’s vengeance.

Source: www.zamireports.com | Appiatse.

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