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Bulgarian Embassy Demolishing: Sole Enquirer’s working duration extended

Following his inability to meet the 7 days and one-month deadlines to submit two reports on the demolishing of the Bulgarian Embassy in one of Ghana’s diplomatic property impasses, Justice Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta on Monday 11th April requested an extension of the duration of his mandate from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

The retired Justice of the country’s High Court, Justice Ofori-Atta had 7 working days to investigate what led to the “demolishing of the Bulgarian Embassy by a private developer” in Ghana’s capital Accra alone and one month to “investigate matters relating to lands occupied by diplomatic missions in Ghana” as announced on 18th March this year.

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But a few days into the close of the duration of his mandate, Justice Ofori-Atta said the task is “considerably complex” and thus, prayed the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources for an extension.

In a press release on 11th April, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Lawyer Samuel Abdulai Jinapor announced an extension of his mandate to 26th April this year.

Below is the full press release;

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