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Cameroon: Malcolm Marky Calls Out Artists for Not Creating Awareness of Ongoing Genocide Against English Speaking Cameroonians

Cameroon pioneer Hip Hop artist Malcolm Marky has called out artists in the country for not using their social influence to create more international awareness of the ongoing genocide against English speaking Cameroonians. In a video which has been circulating on social media, the artist expresses his deep discontent with the ongoing civil war in Cameroon which has been going on for four years. He asks why Cameroonian artists excluding LaPiro de Mbanga of late and Longue Longue are afraid to draw attention to the murder being committed by the French government against people in the former North West and South West regions.

The Bamenda Hip Hop pioneer wants Cameroonian artists to use their popularity to create awareness of the ongoing genocide in Cameroon, which has seen the military systematically targeting English speaking Cameroonians in the northwest and southwest regions. Marky announced that he is set to release a new single entitled “Pays do nyiah”, meaning “the country has spoiled” in pidjin, which will highlight the ongoing genocide of English speaking Cameroonians.

The two regions which make up the former Southern Cameroons  joined French speaking “La Republic du Cameroun” in a defunct Federation on October 1st 1961. In 2016, lawyers and teachers began a professional strike to denounce the encroachment of the French language and culture into the Anglophone legal and academic system, which was guaranteed separation by Article 47.1 of the October 1 1961 Federal Constitution.

By this constitution, “the unity and integrity” of the unique two state federation which had been formed was never supposed to merge into a “United Republic” which the first president of Cameroun, Amadou Ahidjo attained through legal chicanery under guidance from France.

Malcolm Marky vehemently denounced the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, who has effectively controlled the country for thirty eight (38) years and condemned the atrocities committed under the incumbent’s mandate. He accused Mr. Biya of having acquired his two children Brenda and Junior by eliminating a taxi driver, named “Churchill” whom he says “was in a relationship with the First Lady, Chantal Biya prior to her marriage to the president”.

Tied into such mysterious allegations which are common in the country without naming specific artists, the 2006 “Belle de born don” hit maker accused Cameroon’s young artists of being involved in “Franc-maconnerie”, which is also often rumored to be a prerequisite to ascent to fame, power, and access to wealth in the country.

In Cameroon it is no secret that the government administration is dominated by members of the “Order of the Supreme Initiate”, OSTI, a fraternal Order founded in 1970 and CIRCES, “Circle for Cultural and Spiritual Research” in 1988 by Raymond Bernard, the former Grand master of the French Jurisdiction of the AMORC Rosicrucian Order. Bernard, now of late, left the illustrious order after his ambitious pursuit to become Imperator of AMORC was not satisfied.

His son Christian Bernard who represented the selfless ideal of leadership was positioned into the function of Imperator over his father on April 12 1990, holding the position of administration until 2019. Often the error is made with accusations “the Rosicrucians” are in control of Cameroon’s government and responsible for the networks of corruption destroying the republic, but this is far from the truth.

Senior members of Cameroon’s government conspicuously wear red cross pins on their suit lapels, the same symbol worn by presidents of France as a sign of membership in the Roman Catholic affiliated Knights Templar OSTI Tradition.

The government quickly cracked down on this civil society protest which motivated activists who had gone on exile out of the country as early as 1961 as well as in the early 1990’s to raise political discontent among the Anglophones in the country, gaining support for what has now become an armed insurrection.

In the ongoing civil war, over 600,000 people have been internally and externally displaced, with an estimated body count nearing 9,000 people that has left the two regions in a state of total destabilization and misery. Attempts to organize negotiations to settle the conflict have been manipulated and not taken seriously by the dominating French regime of Mr. Biya extending the destruction of the conflict beyond the scope of democratic reconciliation as the resistance fighters clamour for a restoration of the violated Southern Cameroons state which existed before 1961 as a new independent country called “Ambazonia”.

Nkanwi Fokwa Ambe|www.zamireports.com|Ghana

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