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Cameroon’s First Lady and First Daughter Take Medical Evacuation?

Cameroon’s First Daughter, Brenda Biya and her mother, First Lady Madame Chantal Biya have been flown out of the central west African republic for medical treatment.

Several online news sites began circulation the unconfirmed reports on Sunday June 28, among them “Cameroonweb” and “Ebene Magazine” with subsequent websites referencing the latter which cited the former as its source.

The source of the information traces to a post on Facebook by Boris Bertolt, a Cameroonian activist based in France.

On Sunday June 28 2020 at 9:53am Bertolt posted in French “Paul Biya’s wife Chantal Biya and her daughter Brenda Biya have left Cameroon briefly for Europe on board a private jet. Both have to undergo medical care in Europe.”

The post continued to intimate that President Biya, the thirty eight (38) year reigning Head of State of Cameroon expressed his disdain that his collaborators had not been able to follow procedures to cater to the health of his daughter.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus effectively caused the closure of airports worldwide and travel bans which have halted commercial flights.

Brenda Biya is afflicted by hyperthyroidism which causes her eyes to protrude with irritation warranting special medical care which is unavailable in Cameroon.

In a video clip released on June 11, the first daughter ransacked her quarters in the presidential palace in exasperation decrying she had not received any medical attention.

The video was a follow up to a prior release a month prior in which she pleaded for help with her left eye visibly inflamed from irritation.

The negligence of presidential staff leading to Brenda Biya making a public complaint further caused the presence of the authority of Mr. Biya to be questioned at Unity Palace in Yaounde.

The health of Madame Chantal Biya, the first lady of Cameroon has been questioned with her presence from public since her last appearance in March noticeably unseen.

Without substantiation various rumors have been circulated in Cameroon ranging from conspiracy that Mr.

Biya’s son, Frank Biya will become successor to more grim allegations insisting the demise of the presidential couple generally originating from opposition and other activists; among them journalists like Boris Bertolt have been the source of the claims.

President Biya’s Routines.

President Biya maintains a programmed routine of three months (3) national appearances annually.

The state media and presidential websites cover diplomatic mission reports and other activities of the presidency of which opposition pundits say have decreased new content and feature edited video footages and photos of the incumbent Mr. Biya.

Under restrictions of the pandemic, a May 20 2020, parade which would have been overseen by his physical presence was cancelled leading to wider speculations.

Comments from Cameroonians and others alike on the social media post by Bertolt visibly expressed doubts over his past claims on the demise of the presidential couple in contrast to this recent post stating Madame Biya is in Europe on medical leave.

  • An attempt to contact Boris Bertolt to verify the information was not responded to by the time of publishing this article.

However numerous French language news websites have corroborated with the reports the presidential ladies have been evacuated for medical reasons.

In anticipation of the arrival of Madame Biya and Brenda, the activist network “La Brigade Anti-Sardinards” (BAS) has issued a notice to the public requesting anyone whith information on the specific location they have gone in Europe should inform them.

The notice in circulation by the BAS suggests Madame Biya and her daughter are in Europe but the evacuation authorized by presidential decree was un-official and so the destination unknown.

By: Nkanwi Fokwa Ambe|www.zamireports.com|Ghana.

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