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COVID-19: Can I get infected from swimming in open water, sea, public pool or touch an infected corpse?

Scientists have insisted that despite taking either a single or double jab of Covid-19 vaccines, it is essentially to observe the protocols until herd immunity is achieved. The weather is warm and people would want to visit the swimming pool to cool off. In rural areas, children would visit the open waters to take a bath. But should one be worried about contracting the virus at these places?

No. Don’t be worried.

Scientists say the main concern here should be the distance between the people who have gathered to swim.

“Properly maintained pool water will not be a source of spread of the virus. The chlorine that’s in it will inactivate the virus fairly quickly,” immunologist Erin Bromage told CNN.

Mr. Bromage recommends that people should as much as possible observe the six feet distance when swimming in order to be safe.

He stressed that- “the level of dilution that would happen in a pool or an ocean or a large freshwater body would not lead to enough virus to establish an infection. But when you do this, you need to just make sure that we’re maintaining an appropriate physical distance while swimming or sitting in a hot tub. This, he believes is one sure way of escaping from the virus.”

Can you get coronavirus from touching money?

What about from other objects, like plants?

Scientists revealed that touching one’s face often could lead to the transmission of the virus either through the nostrils or the eyes.

So how does one protect him or herself from contracting the virus through touching either money or other physical surfaces?

The SARS-COV2 virus according to scientists can live on the surface of an object for at least 24 hours. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Leana Wen said “Viruses can live on surfaces and objects — including on money — although your chance of actually getting COVID-19 from cash is probably very low.”

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The use of e-payment has surged since the outbreak of Covid-19. This is because, unlike credit cards, you cannot disinfect the money. Scientists advise that should the need arise to touch a stash of cash, you should wash your hands immediately. But should that not be possible, you should sanitise your hands and avoid touching your face.

Can you get coronavirus by touching a dead body of someone who had Covid-19?

Many have been advised to be cautious of dead bodies, particularly of people who were killed by the virus. Families have been advised to allow assigned health departments in hospitals bury  handle infected corpses. America’s Center for Infectious Disease Control cautioned that, “If washing the body or shrouding are important religious or cultural practices, “families are encouraged to work with their community’s cultural and religious leaders and funeral home staff on how to reduce their exposure as much as possible.”

“At a minimum, people conducting these activities should wear disposable gloves. If splashing of fluids is expected, additional personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required (such as disposable gown, face shield or goggles and N-95 respirator.”

This story is supported by Journalists for Human Rights under the Mobilizing Media to Fighting Covid-19 project. 


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