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Environmental Protection: “Traditional leaders need education on new Land Act”- Nana Nkyereyeh II to Lands Minister

Nana Agyei Nkyereyeh II, acting president of the Denkyire Traditional Council has made a clarion call on Ghana’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Mr. Samuel A. Jinapor to initiate avenues for mining-based educational workshop for traditional leaders on the country’s new Land Act to enhance knowledge and aid in effective land administration by the custodians of stool lands.

Ghana’s new Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036) brings innovation to the land administration in the country by helping to inform the public about their rights and interests in acquiring and possessing land; by improving the tenure security of interests in land ownership; and by enhancing public accountability in land administration. The new Act consolidates the existing laws on land and land administration into a single Act; some of these features which are necessary to understand the growing land laws in Ghana include:

“First, the Act holds that chiefs, tendanas, clan heads, family heads or any authority in charge of management of stool or skin, clan or family lands are accountable as fiduciaries. As fiduciaries, these “managers” must be transparent, open, fair, and impartial in making decisions that affect the land(s) they manage. They are also subject to disciplinary sanctions if they fail to comply with their fiduciary duties.”

As fiduciaries, these “managers” must be transparent, open, fair, and impartial in making decisions that affect the land(s) they manage. Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. 

Nana Nkyereyeh II also wants a university campus dedicated to mining established as he argues, it will aid in deepening government’s resolve to promote sustainable mining in the area. The Adontenhene of Denkyira beside these, suggests the setting up of an office for the Minerals Commission in Dunkwa -on- Offin to help facilitate administrative and operational activities in mining.

These request were made when the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor and a delegation paid a courtesy call on the Council in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality.

“We need a minerals commission office here. It will help in the reforms here and attend to the needs of our people,” he hinted.

He expressed concern about rising crime rate, especially armed robbery, in the municipality.

Mr. Jinapor in a reaction lauded the role of chiefs in government’s efforts to sanitise the small scale mining sector as well as the forestry and land sub- sectors. Adding, chiefs were critical agent of change.

“The future of our country is threatened and we can’t allow it to continue. With your support, this government will put in all the efforts to achieve a sustainable and viable mining sector,” Mr. Jinapor maintained.

The minister is in the Central region on a working tour where he is inspecting mining areas as part of the ministry’s effort to protect the country’s lands and natural resources.

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