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“It’s only persons who are unfit to possess guns who fire at the least provocation”: Adib Saani

Foreign Policy and Security Analyst Adib Saani has termed as a “dangerous precedent” the “rambo” behaviour of the Minister of Special Development Initiatives Hawa Koomson.

News media in Ghana reported the firing of gunshots at the Step to Christ registration centre in the Awutu Senya East constituency Monday July 20, after gun wielding men stormed the centre.

ZAMI Reports gathered some men numbering at least 15 arrived at the centre around 08:00 am and tried to sack some prospective voters.

A scuffle ensued which resulted in the firing of gunshots and the burning of three motorbikes.

Reports later same day suggested the Member of Parliament for the Awutu Senya East Constituency alluded to firing the gunshots adding, “she is entitled to a gun and could fire when she feels threatened”.

“None of my men had guns on them when we got to the center. I fired the shots myself”, she said on Adom News.

But reacting to this development on his Facebook wall, the Executive Director of the Jatikay Centre for Security and Peace Building Adib Saani Jatikay questioned what would become of Ghana’s democracy when every gun owner decides to take his weapon to a registration centre.

He also indicated “it only persons who are unfit to possess guns who fire at the least provocation”.

“In as much as I agree to some extent with Hon. Hawa on her right to defend herself, it is terrifying to imagine what would become of our democracy when every gun owner decides to take his weapon to a registration centre or a polling station to protect him/herself?”.

Again, the security analyst reminded the minister of state of her responsibilities as a gun owner.

“Besides, it’s worth knowing that gun ownership comes with certain responsibilities and golden rules. One of them is tactical discipline. Before you engage, you should be sound enough to assess the threat level rather than exaggerate it. In essence, the force you apply should be proportionate to the the threat level”.

Adib Saani questioned the true intent of the law maker while indicating the threats of firing guns in certain situations.

“Firing a gun in certain situations escalates rather than de-escalate situations.What was her true intent?”

He revealed the resultant impact of her action is what culminated into the burning of motorbikes and the eventual abandoning of the voter registration exercise by both staff of the Electoral Commission and constituents.

He has urged the Ghana Police Service to initiate a full scale investigation into the conduct of Hon. Hawa Koomson.

“In my tacit opinion, the Ghana Police Service should invite the Hon. MP for some questioning and possibly, initiate a full scale investigation into the matter”.


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