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Lynching of Alleged Witch: Arrest perpetrators in three days: CSOs to Police

Civil Society Organizations in Ghana have given the Ghana Police Service a three days ultimatum to arrest anyone who is involved in the lynching of an alleged witch in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region.

Akua Denteh,90, was lynched  by some people in Kafaba community on Thursday July 23 after been branded a witch by a soothsayer.

Information gathered by ZAMI Reports reveals the deceased was accused of “limiting the progress of the community spiritually” by a second soothsayer after a first soothsayer found her not guilty of the allegation.

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At a joint press conference by Songtaba, ActionAid, and NORSAAC in Tamale and read by the Executive Director of Songtaba,  Lamnatu Adam, the CSOs revealed the “barbaric act cannot be accepted” in a 21st Century.

“CSOs in Ghana are giving the police a 3-day ultimatum to effect the arrest, since the faces of the perpetrators were very visible in the video”.

They further revealed they are concerned that violence against women i.e witchcraft accusations based on suspicions and allegations continue to be the most pervasive manifestations of discrimination against women and violations of their human rights in Northern Ghana.

“We, the CSOs in Ghana are deeply concerned and saddened that Ghana, after haven made strides in the promotion of human rights and even signed onto a number of human rights charters and protocols, including the CEDAW

will sit aloof and watch over this gross inhuman act meted out to this old lady”.

Again, the CSOs say the act of trial by ordeal has sentenced many women to live in excluded alleged witches camps which for many years Songtaba and the reintegration committee have worked on actively sensitizing communities and to disband alleged camps.

“We call on the NCCE, CHRAJ, and MMDAs to support in promoting the sensitization of communities on human rights violations such as this”.

They have also called on Islamic clerics and custodians of culture to condemn the act and call for justice for the deceased.

“It is rather unfortunate the perpetrators in this dastardly act are heard praising God saying “Allahu Akbar. Violence has never been part of Islamic teachings and will never be and so”.



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