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N/R:To Shut Down or Not to Shut Down-GWCL seeks God’s Miracle

Northern Regional Chief Manager of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Engineer Amidu Musah reveals management might be forced to shut down all its pumps at the Nawuni Raw Water Intake Point in Dalung in the Northern region.

Three pumps were being operated at the intake point with an additional standby pump after the intake point was upgraded to meet the demands of the growing population of the Northern region.

However, management was forced to shut down two of the pumps on Sunday September 13, after water swept through the control room situated on the White Volta Lake as a result of the spilling of the Bagre dam in  Burkina Faso.

Daily production before the incident stood at 45,000 cubic metres as against the daily demand of 90,000 cubic metres. However, following Sunday’s event, production has drastically dropped to 15,000 cubic metres, an equivalent of 1/3 of its daily production.

Speaking to journalists at the project site in Nawuni, Ing. Amidu Musah indicated the shutting down of the two pumps has resulted in the rationing of water supply.

“We were already rationing water and now we have dropped to 15,000 because we are running one pump instead of three pumps”.

The only pump currently being operated according to management, has higher placed engine, however, continuous spillage of the Bagre dam might witness an increase in water levels thus might result in the shutting down of that as well.

The last standing pump must be shut at a water level of 36ft and as of Monday September 14, the water level stood at 35.75, a cause for weary. But management also reveals a complete shutdown is not an option since more cost will be incurred when production resumes.

“When we shut down completely, it will make the case worse because we are drawing some of the water for treatment so it is helping the level but if we shut down completely, the whole of the control room will be filled with water”.

While urging residents in the Northern region to make judicious use of water, Ing. Amidu Musah seeks the fervent prayers of the people for God’s miracle.

“We hope God will listen to our prayers so that we don’t have to shut down completely”.

The company currently supplies water to only critical institutions within the Tamale Metropolis including hospitals, prisons, 6BN and Bawah Barracks.

“There are some critical institutions that we cannot deny water”.

Members of the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC), visited the intake point to access the level of impact on the pumps. Chairman of REGSEC, Mr. Salifu Saeed revealed a recommendation will be tabled at the presidency immediately.

“I will recommend to the seat of government to quickly mobilize emergency submersible pumps that can survive in water so that production can continue. Life will be very difficult for us if that doesn’t happen”, Me. Salifu Saeed said.

History reveals a similar incident was recorded in 1997, where volumes of water flooded the pumps and the control room.

Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail|www.zamireports.com|Tamale.

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