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“No lessons have been learnt from challenges posed by COVID-19” – Alban Sumani Bagbin

Concerned that no lessons had been learned from the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused, including economic downturns, the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, the Honourable Alban Sumani Bagbin, has voiced his concerns publicly.

He asserts that the way world powers have dealt with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine demonstrates that this is not the first time the world has been faced with a global challenge.

Mr Bagbin outlined how the current global crisis and climate change issues call for inclusiveness, which in turn necessitates that wealthy and developed nations reach out to embrace others.

In Accra, the Right Honourable Speaker addressed the opening of the Centre for African Diplomacy and Global Engagement (Afro-Global).

“The consequent hardship around the world because of the intransigence of global political leadership, does not appear to send any reminders for the world to act together in due regard, in the interest of everyone and to the detriment of no one,” he said. And this is a strong message to those who claim to be the global powers.”

The diversity and inclusiveness brought about by situational leadership, he said, necessitates further study because global leadership has failed to ensure that all hands are on deck.

“Individualism and selfishness appear to influence the behaviour of both individuals and states. Inclusiveness is increasingly becoming a mere slogan,” he said.

Mr Bagbin while speaking on the theme ‘Mobilizing Global Citizenship in Building a resilient and inclusive post-COVID-19 Global Economy’ opined that the world needs trustworthy information from reputable research in order to comprehend the problems and develop effective solutions.

He recommended that the centre reaches out to people involved in diplomacy so that they can help address global crises like discrimination and abuse, charging them to be “brutally frank.”

Professor Lord Mawuko-Yevugah, the centre’s head researcher, appealed for funding so that the centre can conduct the necessary research to aid in governance. Also, he urged voters to get involved in government all year round, not just at election time.

By: Sangmorkie Tetteh / www.zamireports.com / Accra

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