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Profile: Meet the Author of the Positivity Book

Growing up, I have always wanted to be someone who motivates people to realize their potentials. I have lived and worked with a lot of people and have noticed the challenges most people go through and It is obvious to me that people need a motivator which I see myself as.

And to make herself available to every soul in need of a motivator, she authored the book titled POSITIVITY; ACTS of POSSIBILITY.

My motivation for writing this book is seeing people inspired with smiles as they work to become successful in life. I chose the title because, in inspiring people, it is important for them to feel the positivity and also know that there are possibilities in everything they do.

Meet Jennifer Nommonyor Tembile, the twenty two years entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive Officer of JNT Catering Services located in the Northern regional capital Tamale. Miss Tembile is a level 200 student of the University  for Development Studies, Tamale campus where she is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Basic Education.

She is born to madam Victoria Bator Tembile, a senior administrator at University  for Development Studies,  Tamale Campus and Mr. Thomas N. F. Tembile, a  retired transport officer of University  for Development Studies, Wa Campus both from the Upper West region of Ghana.

The founder of Yumzaa foundation had her basic education at the St. Gabriel’s Primary School in the Northern region between 2004 and 2010 and the Bishop Junior High School between 2011 and 2013.

She obtained admission into the Sawla Senior High School in the Savannah region in the later part of 2013. Jennifer applied for a transfer to the Kalpohin Senior High School in Tamale in 2014, and was among the Class of  graduating students of KALISCO in 2016.

She proceeded to the University  for Development Studies, Tamale Campus where she studied a Diploma in Basic Education in 2017 and 2019. She ventured into catering services as a form of keeping busy while in school which has become her revenue generation project.

Journey to Become an Author.

The book POSITIVITY; ACTS of POSSIBILITY, was an inspiration from the many set-backs, failure to understand one’s own self worth, and how to project one’s self by close associates and friends.

You probably keep asking yourself several questions like “why is this happening to me? Can I do it? Is this the end for me? Can I fit in there? Can I handle the change?” These questions usually come when you begin to wilt in your spiritual self and normally when you wilt in your spiritual self, you are most likely to fail.

Failures encountered by people while climbing the ladder of success which could be avoided with the right spirit also motivated her to put what have long been recitals and meditations into a book to help build the right spirit in people.

You already know that for you to climb a ladder, it’s all your energy that is needed to take you up there and many people will only stand to watch you do it all by yourself. You can’t afford to fail.

The sixty four paged poetry book is to serve as a reminder and guide through spiritual and emotional life and to prepare its readers towards change and  life successes.

“By the time you will finish reading this book, you will be able to do away with the negativity in your life and to excel; for you are born to succeed”, she told ZAMI Reports.



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