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Rwanda: Nsabimana “Sankara” accuses Zambian President of aiding in the attacks on Rwanda government in fresh allegations.

Nsabimana Callixte has made fresh allegations againts the  Zambian President  Edgar Lungu of aiding in the attacks on Rwanda government Monday July 13 when the High Court in the Special Chamber for International and Cross-Border Trials operating in Nyanza district reopened his trial.

He is facing 17 terror-related charges mainly connected to the activities of the FLN rebel group which includes the formation of an illegal militia group, taking part in terrorist activities, conspiring and sensitizing people towards joining terrorism,  killing,  kidnapping, and denying and undermining the genocide against Tutsis among other charges.

Nsabimana Callixte, a spokesperson for the FLN was charged during an appearance in court on Friday January 17 2020, while he was the Vice President of the Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change or MRCD.

The FLN is the military section of MRCD militia insurgent that attacked Southwest Rwanda in 2018 and left two (2) people killed and several others injured.

Monday’s remote trial began with Nsabimana accusing Zambian President Edgar Lungu of asserting to the overthrow the Rwandan government by the FLN.

Proceedings took place with the court using a remote control system that connected the parties via video in accordance to Covid-19 protocols that ban large groupings and close physical contacts.

While the three judges led by Antoine Muhima, a clerk, and the plaintiffs were in the courtroom in Nyanza, Nsabimana Callixte and his lawyer were in Mageragere Prison in Kigali.

Among the plaintiffs who appeared in court on Monday Jult 13 were Vincent Nsengiyumva, the Executive Secretary of Nyabimata Sector who suffered an attack on his life while his car was set ablaze by FLN fighters on the nights of June 19-20, 2018 respectively during an attack in the Sector.

The head of the trial said the number of claimants had increased to six and added that they would all be given a chance to present their identities and claims.

“Sankara” was the first to be called to testify.

“There was a country and its president who did not want to say they supported the MRCD”, Sankara hinted in court and prayed the court to grant him hearing to state the President.

The Judge Antione Muhima granted him same adding, ‘there should be no confidentiality because the plaintiffs in the court want to hear it”.

In his testimony, Sankara revealed,”Zambian President Edgar Lungu in 2017 promised MRCD President Paul Rusesabagina that he would help him overthrow the Rwandan government and donated $ 150,000 to support the group obtain war materials”.

He said that in early 2019, shortly before his arrest, Nsengiyumva Appolinaire, one of the leaders of the PDR Ihumure party and one of the MRCD members had met with President Lungu for his support for the FLN.

He asserted that his earlier confession had been obtained through torture.

Commenting on the crime of ‘creating an illegal militia’, the loud former spokesman accepted and apologized.

He also pleaded guilty to acts of terrorism, conspiracy, and incitement to commit terrorism.

However, he insisted he joined the FLN on July 15, 2018 and served as its spokesperson thus cannot be said to be involved in the establishment of the group.

His trial will be continued on September 10.

Emmanule NKANGURA| wwww.zamireports.com|Kigali

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