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S/R: Corpse of alleged witch undergoes autopsy in Tamale

Information from the Savanah Regional Police Headquarters indicates the corpse of the alleged witch has been sent to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for autopsy and investigation.

“The police went for the body yesterday and sent it to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for autopsy and investigation”.

The Crime Unit of the Command also revealed “no arrests have been made yet” while adding “information received since yesterday is scanty though it had been sent to the Ghana Police Service Headquarters”.

Akua Denteh, 90, was lynched by some residents of Kafaba, a community in Salaga in the East Gonja Municipality Thursday July 23.

She was branded a witch by a soothsayer who subsequently led an attack on her which led to her demise.

In a graphic video circulating on social media, the soothsayer, a woman is seen whipping the accused while one other woman hits the head of the accused with an object.

On lookers charged the two women on with comments like “she has refused to accept she is a witch, whip her”.

“It happened in the evening”, the East Gonja Municipal Chief Executive Mohammed Tamimu told ZAMI Reports.

It is unclear what might have sparked the invitation of the soothsayer to the community and the subsequent branding of Akua as a witch.

Watch video.

However, attacks on women accused of witchcraft are not new to the three regions of the north. An alleged witch was recently subjected to torture by some residents in Karaga in the Northern region.

Elderly women are mostly accused of being the source of either sicknesses such as epilepsy, kidney failure or sometimes drunkenness of a young family member.

These women are mostly cast out from their communities after they have been subjected to rituals by soothsayers to confirm either they are indeed witches or not.

To live, the women under duress confess to being witches and either voluntarily take refuge in one of the witch camps in the Northern and Northeast regions or are dragged there by their kinsmen.

Those who refuse to confess to the allegations are tortured and sometimes lynched just like the case of Akua.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) led by the Chairman Mohammed Tamimu are visiting the community this morning.

MUSEC is expected to hold a meeting later today.

More soon….

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