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Saboba: World Vision Supports Farmers with Farm Inputs

World Vision Ghana under its Food Security and Resilience programme has donated farm inputs estimated at GHC 76,812 to some farmers in the Saboba district of the Northern region.

The inputs included; 1,000kg Wang data mazie, 1, 525grams of water melon seed, 1,600kg Janguma soybean, 200 liters of target, 200 liters of sunfuro, 800 bags of 25kg NPK, 400 (25kg) bags of urea, and 100 cutlasses.

Women, persons living with disabilities, and the aged, were among the over two hundred beneficiaries.

According to World Vision, it conducted an assessment on the impact of Covid-19 on the purchasing power of the predominantly farming district.

Mr. Maxwell Awendi, the technical programme manager for Food Security and Resilience told ZAMI Reports the donation has become necessary due to the impact of the pandemic on the livelihood of the people.

“Our assessment revealed that there has been a reduction in economic activities that has affected their purchasing power to be able to get farm inputs on their crops”.

And as a way of responding, “World Vision has decided to provide these inputs to support so whatever you have on field now, you will be able to get food and sell so you can take care of your children”.

Mr Maxwell Awendi cautioned the farmers against the tendency of selling the inputs.

“We don’t want you to go and sell them or keep them. We’re expecting you to make good use of these inputs so that the returns we’re looking we will see it”.

The donation was received by the District Chief Executive of Saboba, Mr. George Bingrini and handed over to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture department for onward distribution to the farmers.

Mr. George Bingrini lauded World Vision Ghana for the support in education, health, sanitation, and livelihood empowerment programmes.

In his address, the DCE announced government’s intervention on cashew plantation and called on farmersĀ  to visit the agric department for seedlings.

By: Amadu Wumpeka Hamdan|www.zamireports.com|Saboba|N/R.

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