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Sagnarigu: COVID-19 Protocols Thrown to Dogs as Voter Registration Phase One Begins.

The World Health Organization (WHO) outlined some health protocols to be observed if the world can defeat the outbreak of SARS-COV2 virus which has infected some 10117687 people and killed some 502278 people across 216 countries as of June 30 after it was declared a “pandemic”. Wearing of face mask, washing of hands under running water for at least twenty seconds, sanitizing of hands, checking of temperatures, and keeping a distancing of at least six feet were among the protocols.

But at the commencement of the phase one of the compilation of the new voters register by the Electoral Commission of Ghana in some selected centres  across Ghana Tuesday June 30, www.zamireports.com observed COVID-19 protocols were simply thrown to the dogs in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern region. Thirty five (35) registration centres have been earmarked in the municipality in the exercise which is expected to last six days.

At the Tamale Senior High School Old Assembly centre, temperature check was missing. Some participants in queue wore face mask and attempted adhering to the Covid-19 but generally, many wore none. The Registration Officer Seidu Abdul Majeed and his team had insisted  participants observed the two meters distancing protocol but that also did not appear possible.

However, a hand washing station had been mounted while participants were made to sanitize their hands with a hand sanitizer provided by the Electoral Commission.

A handful of participants at the Bagabaga Demonstration Junior High School centre wore face masks. Though some participants possessed face masks, they either had them in their hands or kept them in their pockets. Again, queues at the centre were without crowd controlling measures defying social distancing protocols. Participants would not budge as the Registration Officer Abdul Baaki Maahli and is six colleagues made attempts to get participants observe the social distancing protocols.

A Veronica bucket had registration forms placed on it defying its purpose. An officer checked the temperature of participants before they approached the registration tables.

Amoateng Baah Michael reports,”tempers were high at the SSNIT  Zion School centre as officers of the Electoral Commission did not wear face masks”.

“There were also concerns of the blatant refusal to wash and sanitize hands by most participants, and crowded queue”, he revealed.


Late Start of Exercise.

At the Tamale Senior High School Old Assembly center, registration commenced five minutes late than the scheduled time of 07:00 am. The reason for the late start was not communicated. Two persons had been registered as of 07:15, out of the fifty one (51) who had queued. The Registration Officer Seidu Abdul Majeed was optimistic the process will be void of challenges.

But the story was different at the Bagabaga Junior High School center as registration commenced at 07:34 am with only three (3) persons out of the over hundred participants had registered as of 08:12. www.zamireports.com observed registration officers struggle to log in on the verification equipment. At the start of the process, there was no officer to fill the guarantee form for participants.

Again, Amoateng Baah Michaal reports  registrations had not commenced at the Gumbihini centre as of 08:00 am. The Registration Officer Mohammed Abdul Wadud indicated,”the Biometric Verification Device had developed a fault”.

Source: zamireports.com|Ghana


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