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Sandema: Team of Hope restores hope as Its embarks on yet another free surgery

Some one hundred and twenty-two (122) patients diagnosed with Hernia, Hydrocele,Gioter, Breast lump, Appendicities, Haemorrhoids, Chriptochidysm Web-fingers, Extra digits, Contractures and incomplete circumcision were seen and operated courtesy, the Team of Hope in a five-day surgical outreach programme in Sandema, in the Upper East region.

Under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin Akinkang- a 2021 Mandela Washington Fellow, the team made up of four (4) medical doctors, a nurse, and two (2) anesthetists and with the support of management, and staff of the Builsa North Municipal Hospital performed one hundred and thirty two (132) surgical procedures with ages ranging from five months (5) months old to eighty-nine (89) years. Thirty-three out of the number were females while eighty-eight (88) were males, representing 27.3% and  72.7%  respectively.

“In case classification, there were 125 routine cases and 7 were cases done for the first time by the group in the facility out of the total number. The new cases that were included in this outreach were; thyroidectomies, mastectomies, polydactectomy, and syndactyly. The type of anaesthesia that was used included general anaesthesia, Local Anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia”, the Public Relations Officer for Team of Hope and a nurse at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Anthony AKum-Nyemi told ZAMI REPORTS.

Spectrum of surgical procedures performed.

Procedures frequency %

Hernia repairs 60 45.8
Hydrocelectomies 18 13.7
Thyroidectomies 4 3.0
Mastectomies 2 1.5
Appendicectmy 1 0.8
Excisions 30 22.1
Haemorrhoidectomies 11 8.4.
Orchidoplexies 2 1.5.
Web-fingers separation 1 0.8.
Extra digits excision 1 0.8.
Contractures repairs 1 0.8.
Skin bridges in incomplete circumcision 1 0.8.

Quality Health-care Delivery. 

Many countries in sub- Saharan Africa are be-devilled with poor quality healthcare. Financial muscle, lack of healthcare facilities, and lack of specialised healthcare personnel among others have been blamed for the situation and to meet the health needs of people in this region- an equitable healthcare delivery system that will eliminate the prevailing barriers are required.

The provision of specialised quality healthcare services in the locality of rural dwellers reduces inconvenience, and expense. In view of this, The Team of Hope, a non-profitable organisation since 2016, has organized twice a year health outreach targeted at the less privileged in the Builsa North municipality, Builsa South, Paga, Sisala West, and Mamprugu-moagdugri districts. Other places include Kasena Nanka East and Navrongo Metropolis.

“The communities were informed of the outreach by radio broadcast, social media and pre-outreach visits paid to the community leaders. During the pre- outreach visits, personnel from the team within the local level visited some health facilities to screen and book patients for the surgery while those who were able to visit the Sandema hospital were screened and booked at the hospital”, Dr. Benjamin Akinkang hinted.

The Team of Hope.

Beginning on a solemn wish of a father to his son during his last days on a sick bed at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, requesting his son who was at the time a medical student “not to forget our people when you become a medical doctor” , the team won the health category of the MTN Heroes of Change coveted award in 2019, two years after its commencement.

Until 2019, the team had serviced bills that came with the purchasing of medical consumables from their personal savings and continue to undertake the yearly project with no external financial support.

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