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“Stop funding projects exacerbating climate change and human violations” – CSOs tell AfDB

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is being pressured by civil society organizations to avoid funding projects that exacerbate the climate catastrophe, harm the environment, and violate human rights. The call came during the African Development Bank’s 57th Annual Meetings in Accra, Ghana.

In a separate conference in Accra, thirty participants from eleven countries who make up the #Dev4Africa movement argued that, while the AfDB is intended to serve the interests of Africans, it funds projects that exacerbate the continent’s climate issue.

The Sendou coal power project in Senegal, for example, has had a severe influence on the life of some community residents.

“We don’t understand why the AfDB put such a risky project in our village,” Fatou Samba, a community spokesperson whose livelihoods and environment have been impacted by the AfDB-financed project, stated. She is one of the persons who have yet to receive compensation.

Once again, crucial decisions on multi-million-dollar projects affecting lives have been made without the people.

“AfDB lags behind its peer institutions in terms of transparent and participatory policies and implementation, and it is very difficult for civil society, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and all right holders to hold the bank accountable at all stages of its operations,” Aly Sagne, the Executive Director of Lumière Synergie pour le Développement said.

The AfDB funds hundreds of projects across the continent and it is one of the key economic players in Africa. Through its direct and indirect financing, it supports projects and policies across a wide range of sectors, including agribusiness, energy, and infrastructure.

“This approach to development has led to negative impacts on communities from AfDB projects, including human rights, labour, and environmental harm. ”

Read full press release below:

www,zamireports.com | Accra.

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