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Takoradi-Sekondi Floods: Some passengers spent three hours in traffic for journeys of fifteen minutes

On the heels of the torrential rainfall in Kumasi on June 24, 2021 that flooded the metropolis, claimed lives and destroyed properties, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Michael Padi advised that;

“Ghanaians should expect heavy rains ahead. The Kumasi rains, for example, which was recorded was over 100 millimeters in just a single day. That volume of rain will occur in some parts of the country. This is because we are in the peak of the rainy season so we have to prepare for the times ahead.”

On July sixteenth 2021, the twin city; Sekondi-Takoradi experienced heavy rains which led to vehicular traffic in the city. The rain flooded a portion of the Takoradi—Elubo-Abidjan highway. Specifically, in front of the Saint Mary’s Seminary School. ZAMIReports’ Western region reporter, Joy Sena Anku confirmed perennial flood within that area of the city during every heavy downpour, “The water however recedes quickly after the rain had stopped and so city authorities had not bothered to fix the cause.”


All major roads that linked the highway was jammed. The affected roads included the Nkroful- Anaji- Apremdo traffic light road, the Apowa- Mpowor road, and all major roads linking the city centre and the Kwame Nkrumah (AGIP) roundabout section of the Takoradi-Elubo-Abidjan Highway. This led to the unusual vehicular traffic.

Mr. Franklin Klu’s whose office is located along the Vodafone Road shared his frustration.

“I left the office at around 4pm. As at 7pm I was still stacked in traffic and not even halfway to my house. I eventually got home around 9pm. Every day, I use about 15-20 minutes on that same route to get home. But today, because it rained, I have to use 5 hours, ooh Ghana, so pathetic.

Mr. Avorno and others shared the same sentiments with Klu following Monday July twentieth’s downpour.

“When our regional manager used the road, earlier in the day, he observed that the flooding was getting worse and so communicated to all staff who will be using that part of the road home to endeavour to clear their tables and close early to avoid any danger. Hearing this news, I quickly cleared my table and left the office at 2pm but you will not believe it, I got home at 6:30pm instead for a journey of 15 minutes! Even with that, I have to bulldoze my way through the traffic with much insults. When I got to the St Mary’s section, I have to slow down to pass through the flood with all dexterity. Honestly, it was scary and difficult but thank God we got home safely.”

“For me I left the office at 4: 40 pm. Earlier, one of my colleagues told me how bad the traffic on the highway was and advised I used the rough road that passed behind the TUC estates area. The road is untarred and have lots of potholes and gullies on it. It wasn’t straight forward either. Due to the rains also, it became very slippery with trucks, pick-ups and salon cars staked at some part. At some point, I have to helped out of a dug out along near the road that I accidentally fell into, I stood in the rain for almost 30 minutes to get this done. When I drove forward a little I fell into traffic. In all it took me like 4 hours to get home. Other than the usual 30minutes. Charlie, the road was really bad and slippery. Authorities must work at it to serve as one of the alternate routes to the highway”, another road user said.

School children, parents, hawkers, traders, and workers alike were spotted across the city trekking home as passengers were left stranded with no public transport.

“I have been standing on my feet close to an hour at this bus stop and no car in sight. I’m going to Anaji-inside. I guess I have no choice other than join the others that are walking home”, Maame Afua, a trader at the Apremdo New Market lamented as she joined her peers on the journey by foot to the house.

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By: Joy Sena Anku|www.zamireports.com| Western Region.

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