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Tamale: CSIF-Ghana Sets to Build the Capacities of some Tertiary and Industry Players under the Bridge Building Project

The Civil Society and Institutional Foundation (CSIF) – Ghana with funding support from the U.S Embassy in Ghana, will today October 29, launch a one-year capacity building project of some 80 students and eight coordinators from eight tertiary institutions in Northern, Savanna, Upper East, and Upper West regions.

The project dubbed the “Bridge Building Project” will also see some 100 students and coordinators from companies and institutions from both government and private sector participating to acquire seed money to support innovative start ups.

Participating schools in the project include the Tamale and Nyankpala campuses of the University for Development Studies, Tamale Technical University, CK Tedam University of Technology and Applied Science, Bolgatanga Technical University, Pong-Tamale Animal Health and Production College, Damongo Agric College, and the S.D. Dombo University for Business and Integrated Development Studies.

The Bridge Building project seeks to facilitate the transition from education to trade and labour market.

“It is thus set to enhance a smooth transition for young people from being a student to an employer/employee through four main themes; Problem-Based Learning (PBL) , Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Match-making (creating the necessary linkages between students and companies/organizations for subsequent youth employment, and support 10 innovative start-ups with seed money”, Abdul-Latif Alhassan, Executive Director of CSIF Ghana and Project Lead told ZAMI Reports ahead of the launch.

He added that the PBL training, match-making and capacity enhancement that beneficiary students will gain from the project will support  bridge the gap between academia and industry and make student thesis and research projects relevant to the labour market while prospectively providing strong basis for entrepreneurships.

“The PBL also called Experiential Learning has the propensity to provide critical thinking that can contribute to providing innovative solutions to graduate unemployment”, he revealed.

About CSIF-Ghana.

The Civil Society & Institutional Foundation (CSIF) – progressed from starting as an umbrella organisation for smaller and medium sized NGOs and CBOs to an organisation promoting community solutions to local challenges, civic activism, education and youth employment.

As a learning organization, CSIF re-strategized, refocused and is on the path of transformation into a national organization with global influence implementing programs in three focus areas: Education, Capacity Building and Training, Democracy & Institutional Building with Advocacy as a common denominator.
CSIF’s mission is to drive for social change by strengthening capacities of Civil Society and Community Based Organizations (CS/CBOs), democratic and educational institutions.

Since 2014, CSIF Ghana made it possible for 15 brilliant but needy students from 4 deprived communities in the Northern Region of Ghana have access to quality basic and tertiary education, built capacities of 118 student leaders of the University for Development Studies (UDS) and influenced positive behavior change in communities through our EduAfrica Scholarship, Student Union Empowerment (SUE), CSOs Strengthening and Social Behavioral Change Communication Projects.

We are optimistic that this pilot will yield positive results and lay a solid foundation for expansion to help address educational and democratic deficits as well as the massive youth unemployment in Ghana

Zubaida Mabuno Ismail|www.zamireports.com|Tamale.

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