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Video: At least twenty three women were tortured in exorcism rites by self-stlyed soothsayer

Information available to ZAMI Reports indicates at least some twenty three women from some communities in the Central Gonja district were subjected to torture by a self-styled soothsayer Filina upon her arrival in the Savanna region some days ago.

Filina, who is said to be resident of Yeji but was invited by some residents in the district to perform the rites of exorcism on some women accused of witchcraft.

Champman, Yaala, and Gongo are among the communities she visited and performed rites of exorcism on women during both day and under the cover of night.

The late Akua Denteh, 90, who is alleged to have died under her supervision in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality was among the twenty three women.

The Public Relations Officer of the Gonjaland Youth Association Borejinkpr Mufti Habibu Muftawu revealed information gathered by leadership has revealed “Kafa is not the first community she visited, we heard she’s been hired by community members to come and screen their communities for them, we are fortunate Akua Denteh’s death exposed her”.

The soothsayer who has since been on the run according to Police intelligence, was seen whipping the ninety years with an object that looks like a bundle of cables in the viral video branded the deceased witch and fronted an attack that led to her demise.

Her accomplince, a woman said to be the grand daughter of Akua, also on the run was seen hitting the deceased with an object on the skull.

“Her autopsy indicated she died out of the beaten she suffered”, the Salaga Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Amos Yelisong revealed.

In other videos available to ZAMI Reports, some women are seen been beaten by females who have been confirmed to family members. Again, the PRO confirmed the video to be from events that occurred in the Central Gonja district.

“Twenty three women suffered torture in her hands, some getting hospitalized with some discharged from the hospital today”.

Filina was headed for Kalande, a community in the Northeast Gonja district where she had been booked by some community people for a similar asignment before she became wanted by the Police.

Meanwhile, the chief of Kafaba, Seidu Yahaya has questioned the motive behind the calling of his arrest and prosecution. In an interview with journalists in Kafaba ahead of his arrest in Damongo Tuesday July 28, he quizzed if people will call for the arrest of the King of Gonjaland over events that happen in Damongo.

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“It is true that the head of Gonjas is Yagbon-wura. If something happens in Damango, can u conclude that it’s Yagbon-wura who is involved”?.

He denied knowlegde of the presence of the soothsayer in his community but added the “bizzare” manner a pavilion of the New Patriotic Party was burnt made the youth approach him on witchcraft suspicion.

“I am not aware of the woman. It’s the youth that has its knowledge. They brought the woman to come and find out what happened”.

Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail| Ismail|www.zamireports.com|Salaga|S/R

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