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We Beg to Buy Water; N/R Social Welfare

The Programmes Manager of the Northern Regional Social Welfare Department  Annunciata MZ Anglaaere has revealed management of the Tamale Children’s Home have had to beg for financial support to be able to purchase water from tanker services. She revealed though utilities of the Homes are supposed to be catered for by government, the facility of thirty three children has on several occasions begged for support from people to pay for water supply.

“With the number of children we have, washing their clothes, bathing, and cooking for them, we need at least three small tanker of water supply each week and each tank cost GHS 140. Sometimes depending on the season, the three might not be enough for us”.

The Tamale Children’s Home was set up in 1969 to cater for children who have either been abandoned by their parents or have had their parents die at delivery. The facility also caters for children whose mothers are serving prison sentences. But the government run facility is bedeviled with many challenges among which are paying for utilities, lack of water supply, the absence of a fence, and lack of lactogen for the orphans who are mostly infants.

“Most of the people that donate to us usually donate rice and toiletries without the basics and most of the children we have here cannot eat that”.

Work on a fence wall started by a nongovernmental organization has stalled. To ensure adequate security for the children, management restricts the children including not allowing them play in the compound.

“The security of the children is not 100%, they cannot play without anybody being around. People move in through to the community and you cannot restrict them, Annunciata MZ Anglaaere posited.

The former Manageress Augustina Quainoo hinted to www.zamireports.com that the home is indebted to the Ghana Water Company to the tune of GHS 14,000, an amount that needs to be cleared before water supply will be restored. A borehole also sunk by a nongovernmental has been broken down since the beginning of 2019. According to Augustina Quainoo, the pumps have faults and need to be replaced.

On the adoption culture of Ghanaians, the Northern Regional Programmes Manager of the Social Welfare Department Annunciata MZ Anglaaere is enthused with the culture of adoption. She revealed all thirty three children currently in the orphanage have homes to return to when the time is due.

“Ghanaians are catching up when it comes to adoption; the applications are coming that we cannot satisfy all our clients”.

The Social Welfare Department is trying to discourage institutionalization where children grow up in the orphanages without any family affection, guidance, and training. By this decision, the Department is encouraging Ghanaians who have the means and can support to register with the Department as foster parents.

“So even if we have a motherless child, we do not send the child to an institution but we place the child at a foster home where the child will grow up having the family love and care”.

“When you have a child in institutions, they do not do wash, sweep, or cook, everything is being done for them and when they grow, it is a challenge for them to fit in the family and community when they return, the bonding with the family is taken off”, she added.


By Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail|zamireports.com|Tamale

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