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We’ve never been notified officially of proceedings related to report by sole enquirer: Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Ghana

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The Bulgarian Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana on 16th May revealed neither him nor his office has officially been notified or involved in the investigation of the Sole Enquirer appointed by the government of Ghana to investigate the circumstances that led to the demolition of the Bulgarian Embassy in Accra.

Find full details of the press release below.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria has authorized the Bulgarian Ambassador accredited to the Republic of Ghana to make the following statement:

Bulgaria takes note of the press release issued on May 16, 2022 by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of the Republic of Ghana which refers to what we can consider as glimpses of a said to be a 149 pages First Report of the Sole Inquirer, which deals with the Bulgarian Embassy issue, in particular the circumstances leading to the demolition of the Embassy’s building in Accra in 2017.

Regrettably, as of yet the full text of the above-referred Report has not been made public in full which is not in line with the stated objective of transparency. Furthermore, Bulgaria draws the attention to the unacceptable fact that the Bulgarian Ambassador accredited to Ghana has never been notified officially for any of the procedures and proceedings related to the preparation of the Report of the Sole Inquirer nor has he been invited to participate in the respective hearings.

Bulgaria expresses cautious optimism about the fact that the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of Ghana accepts the recommendation for the immediate perpetrator of the Embassy’s demolition to be sanctioned and to be made to pay compensation. We expect the competent Ghanaian authorities to provide as soon as possible concrete parameters, terms and mechanisms for this compensation to be effectuated.

Throughout all these years Bulgaria has always aimed at genuinely maintaining a climate of bilateral friendship, cooperation, and engagement with relevant institutions of the host country for reaching acceptable solution in amicable way. In this sense, we consider long overdue the recommendation accepted by the Government of Ghana to intervene for an amicable resolution.

However, Bulgaria reiterates its consistent view that solution can be found only when all parties act in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations while taking fully into account the ruling of the Supreme Court of Ghana, which clearly recognizes Bulgaria as the lease holder and owner of the property until 2033 when the renewable lease expires.

Bulgaria resolutely insists to be made acquainted by the Ghanaian side of the full text of the Report via the established bilateral diplomatic channels which will be Ghanaian institutions’ first step in resuming the fulfilment of their obligation as host country to provide official notices and information concerning any developments and measures undertaken concerning the Bulgarian diplomatic property in Accra.

Issued: Ambassador of Bulgaria to Ghana and Nigeria, H.E. Yanko Yordanov.

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