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ZAMI Reports’ Founding Editor Among Panelists for “VizChat Live” on Gender-Based Violence

Founding Editor of www.zamireports.com, a private news portal in Ghana Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail has been selected to be among the panelists for a Facebook Live Chat dubbed VizChat Live organized by the Visuals for Gender, a civil society organization in Ghana to discuss the contribution of journalists to the advocacy of Gender-Based Violence in the country.

The VizChat Live which is on the topic “How journalists are contributing to gender-based violence advocacy” and slated for 02:00pm Friday August 28, is among series of chats organized in the month of August, by Visuals for Gender to interact with its audience and serve as a means of getting the audience informed on issues relating to gender-based violence.

Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail, a Mandela Washington Fellow and a Gender Activist will be joined by Nimat Emefa Tijani, a Freelance Journalist and a Blogger, and Daniel A. Anyorigya, a Journalist and an Activist and hosted by the Project Officer at Visuals for Gender, Princess  Erwina Ndom.

Zubaida Afua Mabuno Ismail will be joined by Nimat Emefa Tijani, a Freelance Journalist and a Blogger, and Daniel A. Anyorigya, a Journalist and an Activist.

The member of the Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA) will answer questions ranging from what roles journalists play in gender based violence advocacy, whether female journalists can be bias when reporting on gender based violence because most victims of gender based violence are females among others.

Visuals for Gender has undertaken various advocacy projects including capacity building for Civil Society Organizations, Policy Dialogue, and outreaches to junior high and senior high schools in Ghana to educate students especially girls about their sexuality and the reality of sexual abuse and the need for them to get help if ever they encounter any form of abuse.

“Gender-Based Violence is a global problem and there is a need for critical attention and advocacy. From our advocacy work, we have come to the realization that our society does not see the urgent call to take action in addressing issues on GBV. It only becomes a concern when there is news about rape or defilement or assault”, the Communications Director of Visuals for Gender Princess Erwina Ndom has said.

Visuals for Gender is an open data project that seeks to equip citizens, policy makers, and Civil Society Organizations to understand gender-based issues using both dynamic and static data visualizations. The goal is to amplify the critical gender-related issues in society, share them with citizens, policymakers, and journalists to take actions on them.

Miss Ismail is a beneficiary of  series of training organized by Visuals for Gender which have contributed to shaping her knowledge on Gender-Based Violence and the Rights of Women and Children.

“We believe that journalists can contribute to fighting gender-based violence hence the need for them to show concern and take action in all forms of advocacy” Princess Erwina Ndom added.



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